Of all iron deficient gastroenterological patients, you estimated on average that:


may achieve full iron repletion in just one visit with Monofer*

* Data gathered from 339 participants

Mean Target Hb:

12.6 g/dl

Mean body weight:

68.4 kg

Mean Target Hb Increase:

4.2 g/dl

Mean individual iron deficit:

1,190 mg
Subset of calculations gathered at UEGW 2010
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Want to easily calculate your own patients' iron deficits?

Try the online Iron Deficit calculator at www.monofer.com/dosing


About the competition

At the UEGW 2010 Congress in Barcelona, Pharmacosmos invited gastroenterologists to estimate the typical iron needs of their patients. This is a summary of their shared experiences in iron deficiency anemia management.